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Frequently Asked Questions - Immigration

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How long does the process take? Can you guarantee an approval?

Once an application is submitted, it is entirely out of our hands and we cannot guarantee an outcome or a timeline. However we do make sure that the application is as complete as possible to ensure that all required information is in front of the officer making the decision. Avoiding requests for clarification by IRCC officers is one of the best ways to ensure that applications are processed in a timely manner.

How much does it cost?

We offer flat rates for many immigration files. Click here to see our flat fee proposals and a calculator for your family.

For matters not included in our flat fee schedule, we invite you to book a consultation. Every case is different and it is not possible to offer blanket estimates.


For immigration matters, our hourly rate is $400 CAD. We unfortunately can't provide an estimate of how long a project could take unless we have done an immigration evaluation—this process allows us to collect enough information to have an idea of what programs you could qualify for.

If you are interested in an immigration evaluation, you can schedule one by following this link. Immigration evaluations are $750 and include an initial interview, the evaluation, and a follow-up meeting to explain the results. Fees paid for this consultation will be credited against your fees if you decide to open a file with us and continue.

Do you accept clients who have previously been refused?


Not all refusals being equal, we recommend contacting us so that we may discuss the circumstances surrounding the refusal, the reasons given, etc.

Although we do not offer free consultations, we will give you our honest opinion on whether your situation has a chance of success at appeal and will not counsel litigation without a basis for success. 

Fees paid for this consultation would be credited against your fees if you decide to open a file with us and continue.

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