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Criminal Law

CBSA Criminal Rehabilitation procedures; Criminal law where an immigration status may be affected

Frequently Asked Questions—Criminal Law

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Can you help me with X?

We do not currently take general criminal mandates. Our criminal law services are currently limited to cases where there could be an impact on an immigration status.

If you are a temporary or permanent resident of Canada (or a naturalized citizen) and have been accused of a crime that may affect your status, we can discuss your case.

We do not have specific expertise in criminal law and may have to refer your case to a more specialized lawyer for certain situations or accusations, but would remain involved as co-counsel to ensure proceedings have the best possible outcome for your immigration status.

How much does it cost?

Every case is different and it is not possible to offer blanket estimates.

For criminal matters, our hourly rate is $200 CAD, even where we act as co-counsel.

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